The Differences Between Polymer & Timber Shutters


Window shutters are an excellent choice when it comes to furnishing your windows – each shutter is custom-made specifically for your home and provides an aesthetic that’s timeless. If you’re looking to start a new project or freshen up your interior décor with plantation shutters, you should understand the differences between the more traditional timber shutters and the newer polymer plantation shutters. As of recent years, the window furnishings industry has been evolving away from traditional cedar and basswood plantation shutters. What was once the epitome of window furnishings has quickly been superseded by polymer plantation shutters, and for good reason.

Our Polymer Shutters are engineered for strength, stability and precision, they’re reinforced with an aluminium core and have a “baked in” UV protected paint for longevity. Our Polymer shutters are fire retardant, hypoallergenic, resistant to termites, mould & bacteria, and they’ve been tested to insulate 70% better than timber. Additionally, they will not crack, split or warp, and this is backed by a lifetime warranty. Our Polymer shutters are recyclable, with Low VOCs and are easy to clean without harmful chemicals.

Alternatively, at Lumos we can still offer Cedar or Basswood shutters as required, and we stand behind the quality of our timber shutters, which are all constructed using A-Grade materials and superior craftsmanship. Due to the nature of raw and natural timber however, these shutters have a reduced warranty period compared to the Polymer shutters. Timber as a material is known for contracting and expanding in response to changes in humidity and temperature, and as such timber shutters are not recommended for wet, or high moisture areas of the house, and no longer the first choice in climates that have hot dry summers and cold wet winters (think Canberra and South-West New South Wales!).   

Here at Lumos Blinds we are confident that we are providing the highest quality polymer shutters and timber shutters that are available in Australia. We have strong evidence and industry experience leading us to recommend our polymer shutters as the superior choice in nearly all applications.

If you are looking for new window furnishings for your next project, get in touch with our friendly team by giving us a call or filling out the contact form below. We are here to offer you our help and experience with any of your window furnishing needs.

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