Polymer Shutters

The popularity of the plantation shutters look in recent years means there can be a lot of variation in quality. At Lumos Blinds, we believe our polymer shutters are the best synthetic shutters available on the market. They are all around versatile high performers. They offer a great combination of quality construction and craftsmanship in their design, combined with everyday functionality. They are strong, reliable and long-lasting.

Polymer shutters are as low-maintenance as a traditional roller blind. A combination of their solid construction, durable design, and their insulation ability makes them a great choice for a busy family home or holiday rental. Our polymer shutters are available in a range of neutral colours to complement all contemporary interiors. From crisp cool whites and warm off-whites, through to various light and dark greys, our range of colours has something to suit all homes, styles and designs.

While the classic plantation shutter has traditionally been constructed out of timber, our high-grade polymer shutters offer a few great advantages. Our range is low tox, eco-friendly, and constructed from 100% recyclable materials. Due to the superior construction and our quality installation, our deluxe polymer shutters also provide better window insulation than our other plantation shutter options.

Polymer shutters are also great for minimising outside sounds, including the hustle and bustle associated with everyday urban noise. For this reason, they are also an ideal choice if you live near a high-traffic road, highway or train line.

Their durability as a water-resistant material also makes them the best candidate for high-splash areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. They will never warp, delaminate or become targets for mould or mildew. They are also fire-resistant, and as an added bonus – never under threat from termites.

With our polymer range, the Lumos team has done all the homework for you. You can rest assured that the quality of construction and craftsmanship is the best around.

OPTIONS for our
Polymer shutters include:

63mm, 89mm and 114mm louvres

Traditional or decorative frames – suitable for all windows and styles

Sliding door coverage, including bifold or bypass sliding shutters

Specialty shaped or unique windows and openings

French door shutters, with custom cut-outs for handles

or best for:

All windows

Bathrooms and wet areas

Kitchens and laundries


Front of the home

Western-facing windows and doors

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