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Australian home design and trends are admired around the world. Refined, functional, and always practical, Australian design has many sources of inspiration. The cool simplicity and freshness of coastal living. The warm ochres and browns of the outback. The historical flourishes of Federation architecture. The rustic charm of country farmhouses. The clean lines and minimalism of the contemporary urban lifestyle.

At Lumos, our heart is in every home, and every job we do. Our design philosophy is linked to our work ethic – create a refined, quality product with attention to detail, and always with an eye on design.

Our approach allows us to work closely with the creative vision of each client, whether that be an individual looking to build a dream home, or an industry professional looking to make use of light and space to create the right aesthetic balance. We work hard to ensure that the client’s vision of their piece of the Australian lifestyle is reflected in their choice of window furnishings. At Lumos, we truly value the satisfaction that comes from a job well done, and with that, a happy client.

The Lumos team regularly works with industry professionals such as architects, designers and builders. We share your passion for projects.
Our unique point of difference is that we draw on our expertise and background in the building industry. We have a deep understanding of the business, the timelines, and shared project outcomes.

At Lumos, we understand that window furnishings are an important final detail that can pull a room or living area together, create atmosphere, and provide warmth. Specifying window furnishings is practical, to create privacy and protect valuable fitting, fixtures and belongings. This allows you to hand over or move into a truly finished build. At Lumos, we make it easy.

We can work within your timeframes to install your window furnishings in line with the project goals. Let the Lumos team bring your creative vision to life by adding the finishing touches to a bespoke home, apartment complex, subdivision or renovation.

Design trends change, and with them, so do the preferred choices in window furnishings. But good design and a well made product, expertly installed, doesn’t.

Trust the design experts at Lumos Blinds. Contact us for a project consultation appointment.

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