Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are a classic design trend that has seen a resurgence in recent years. The sheer can create an understated elegance in any room, and can bring a touch of warmth and luxury. Sheer curtains soften the room, and create a delicate balance between light and privacy. They are one of the most versatile products available, which has contributed to their popularity with homeowners, designers and builders alike.

Sheers can be paired with almost any other window furnishings, including shutters and roller blinds. They can also be designed with a light-filtering lining, for additional weight or privacy. Your sheers can also be paired with blockout curtains to create double curtains – the traditional drapery finish.

In addition to their functionality, sheers can also establish atmosphere and ambience. They can create a sense of space and depth, helping to achieve an open and expansive look in a room. They are a perfect window dressing for living areas and sliding doors.

At Lumos, we understand the importance of a good, well-made product. All of our sheers and curtains are custom-designed in Canberra, and made in Australia. We can help you to choose or source the best quality fabrics to complete the look in any area of your home.

We offer a range of synthetic and natural fibre sheers, including linen and cotton. From delicate, veil-like fabrics, through to heavier textured sheers, there is a fabric to suit your design and budget.

Our sheers can be made with traditional pleats for a timeless and tailored finish. If you are looking to create a flowing or more contemporary look, the S-fold or ripple fold finish will create soft, luxurious waves for your sheers.

All Lumos sheers are fitted with smooth-glide curtain tracks or rods that have been built to last. Our expert installations team make sure your custom-made sheers function perfectly in your home. At Lumos, we can take care of the little things so you don’t have to. Contact our team today to book your consultation.

OPTIONS for our
sheer curtains include:
Available in a range of natural-fibre and synthetic fabrics.
Custom fabric sourcing and selection.

Traditional pleat or S-fold (ripple fold) finish.

Slimline tracks.

Decorative rods.

Blockout or privacy lining pairing.

Lumos Blinds
can also offer:

Wand or hand-drawn curtains.

Cord-drawn curtains.

Motorised curtains – battery powered or 240V.
or best for:
Layering over other window treatments.
Living areas.
Sliding or stacker doors.
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