Smart technology has changed so many aspects of the way we live – especially how we live in our homes. Lumos Blinds is proud to be on the cutting edge, offering our clients the latest in motorised blind and curtain technology. These options are available through a range of easily-installed products. The Lumos motorised options currently on offer are revolutionising home window furnishings.

When it comes to opening and closing your blinds, nothing could be easier than choosing a motorised option. A simple push of a button provides easy access to your blinds or curtains, allowing you to control light, temperature, and privacy from virtually anywhere inside your home, or out. Whether you’re in a home office, the living area, or a home theatre, you can control your blinds and curtains without leaving your chair. Motorised options allow for maximum efficiency and convenience.

Our motorised blinds and curtains offer a few convenient options. This range can be operated with a classic remote control, or through voice activation. The latest in smart app technology is a great option for those who may travel frequently, or work away from home regularly. The app allows you to remotely control opening and closing your curtains or blinds, and helps to ensure that your home’s privacy is protected while you’re away.

Motorised blinds can be hardwired into your home during the construction process, and are an easy-to-add upgrade in any new build. These are a great long-term investment that will provide the ultimate convenience. Lumos Blinds battery powered option can be installed without an electrician, and is the perfect choice for those renovating, but still wanting the latest in home technology.

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