Roman Blinds

Like our roller blinds, a Roman blind can also be used to create a statement look in any room, with the choice of a warm colour or an interesting pattern. The unique soft billowing folds of the Roman add texture and an inviting warmth to every room. This blind creates an atmosphere that says, ‘Come and relax’, and their luxurious look adds an instant sophistication to any area.

Whether bold and bright or minimalist and crisp, Roman blinds can bring texture, style and personality to any area. They can be used to create either a traditional or modern look, and are suitable for living areas, bedrooms, and offices.

As with our roller blinds, the fabric possibilities are endless, and our Roman blinds come in three design styles. A structured Roman blind creates a more formal and fitted look, and are made from one of our pre-coated and highly durable blinds-range fabrics.

The soft-look standard Roman blind is created from drapery fabric to achieve a refined and luxurious feel. They can be made from a range of fabrics, and offer different densities. They can be easily combined with a blockout lining, for style and serviceability. This is a great option to combine softness and luxury with the functionality of a roller blind.

Finally, the soft-gathering Roman blind is created from a sheer or lightweight fabric, in order to maximise the light in an area of your home. A delicate sheer can create a soft, billowy look without the bulk or volume of a heavier fabric, while adding casual comfort to any room. As with the standard, this Roman blind can also be combined with a roller to limit light or create more privacy.

Like many of our Lumos Blinds products, our Roman options are fully customisable, and can also be matched to other blinds, upholsteries or furnishings in your room.

The experienced team at Lumos Blinds can guide you through the design and choice process for any room, working with our large range of quality fabrics. Whether you’re after texture, colour, or the sophistication a Roman blind offers, we have options suitable for all design ideas and budgets.

OPTIONS for our
roman blinds include:


Structured – the pre-coated fabric options create a solid, more form-fitted look and feel.

Plain, textured or patterned options.
Specially sourced fabrics.
Light filtering.
Lumos Blinds
can also offer:

Single or double blind options.

Cord lock.
or best for:
All windows.
Sash windows.
Laying with other products for style and functionality.
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