Honeycomb Blinds

The honeycomb or cellular blind is one of the best-designed innovations in modern blind construction. It could be described as a hybrid: it combines the functionality of a traditional roller blind, with the clean-line aesthetics of a Venetian. The lightweight construction and design provide the bonus of extra insulation for your windows, and are perfect for creating warmth and cosiness in your home. They can be light-filtering, while still maintaining insulation from extremes of either heat or cold.

The honeycomb is a great option for harsher or colder climates, and will almost certainly improve your home’s energy use. The patented cellular structure creates a perfect barrier of insulation between your home and the outside air. The blind does this by trapping air in the honeycomb pockets, similar to the way a double-glazed window also create a buffer. With the right design and install, your cellular blinds can insulate better than double or triple glazed windows.

If you are looking to reduce your energy costs or your carbon footprint, or are looking to create a ‘greener’ home, the honeycomb is a great option. When customised and correctly fitted, they can help keep cool air inside in summer. In the cooler and winter months, they will minimise the feeling of draft, and keep warm air from escaping from windows. Perfect for those who really feel the cold!

Like other blinds in our range, they are available in a range of options, from blockout to light-filtering, and are perfect for any room or living area. Save on doing an expensive upgrade on your heating and cooling systems. Start reducing your energy costs today with an affordable honeycomb blind makeover.

OPTIONS for our
honeycomb blinds include:


Single and double cell.
Cell-structure options between 10-40mm.
Lumos Blinds
can also offer:
Single or dual honeycomb, also known as day-night blinds.
‘Concertina’ openings – top down, or bottom up.
or best for:
All windows.
Unique shaped windows.
Homes requiring extra insulation.
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