Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds continue to be one of the most popular choices for window coverings. Functional, easy to operate, with a neat and elegant design, they create a look that never goes out of fashion. Our Venetian blind range includes a great range of options for materials, including timber, aluminium and PVC or polymer options.

If it’s a fresh white finish you’re after, our PVC or polymer Venetian blinds are the most popular, and continue to be a best-seller. The Lumos Blinds range includes a variety of classic whites, and are also available in several slat widths. Our lightweight materials ensure that the Venetian blinds are resistant to the fading and warping that can occur in many of the harsher regions of Australian climates.

Our timber-look Venetian blinds are high quality and sturdy, without sacrificing any of the natural warmth and comfort that timber brings to any area. This range includes several popular wood-look colours offering high durability. Lumos Blinds also offers a range of cedar Venetians, if your preference is for real timber.

Simple, uncluttered and discreet, our aluminium Venetian blinds are not the ones you may remember from your school-day classrooms. But they still continue to be the preferred option for many workplace, school and commercial settings, due to their durability. However, the versatility of aluminium Venetian blinds means they can still work well in most areas of any home.

Our range offers many modern and sophisticated options, and can work well to enhance a minimalist or neutral look in any area. Our large range of colours provide great options for domestic, commercial or office settings. They continue to be a popular ‘go-to’ option because they are lightweight and long-wearing, while also resistant to bending, snapping and breakages – perfect for high-use or shared spaces.

OPTIONS for our
Venetian blinds include:

Timber and wood-look material.


PVC and polymer.

White and neutral colours, or more vibrant colour options.

A range of slat sizes: from 16mm-63mm.

Lumos Blinds
can also offer:
Cord Operation.
Wand operation.
or best for:

An ‘all-rounder’ adaptable for both commercial and domestic use.

Most rooms and areas.

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