Blockout Curtains

The versatility of curtains has contributed to their revival as a design trend. Curtains can bring warmth and functionality to any area, and create instant atmosphere in a living space. While the range of fabric choices and curtain styles allows for endless possibilities, the Lumos team can help choose or source the best match for you, based on your needs, your budget and the look you’re wanting to create.

At Lumos, we want our fabric choices to reflect the quality of the service we provide. Our fabrics team has sourced and assembled a range of high-quality, durable materials that can be made into curtains, drapes, and Roman blinds. Lumos has chosen fabrics that can withstand the harsh Australian sunlight, and are resistant to fading, and we make sure your fabric selections suit the aspect of your home. Like our sheers, all of our curtains are custom designed and made in Australia.

The fabrics we have selected from our specially-chosen suppliers are intended to meet a range of requirements. We have fabrics and options for everyday light domestic use, through to high-traffic commercial use. Our fabrics include options for creating a light-filtering look, a traditional curtain, or full-length drapes. Our Dim Out range offers a suite of soft triple-weave fabrics that drape effortlessly, maintaining a soft and luxurious look that is never stiff or boxy.

Most of our fabrics and materials can also be combined with a lining to allow for total privacy, high insulation, and true light block out. As an added feature, well-designed and installed curtains have also been shown to reduce outside noise, and help conserve household energy.

Our full selection of fabrics offers a choice of materials, textures and colours that can be coordinated with upholstery and other soft furnishings. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or more contemporary, Lumos has a look and a fabric that can work.

For commercial settings or workplaces, curtains are ideal for creating privacy and keeping valuables out of site. We offer a range of fire-retardant fabrics that are long-wearing and durable, while also offering the ‘tick’ for workplace safety. Our commercial use fabrics range are perfect for multi-user, high traffic areas, and are designed to reduce the growth of mould and mildew, and repel water and other liquids.

Our curtain experts can guide you through the selection process, and offer advice based on each specific window or area. Whether you are buying your first home or you’re an experienced designer or architect, the Lumos team can help you select fabrics that are the right width, weight and material to suit a range of commercial or domestic needs.

OPTIONS for our
curtains include:
Blockout curtains.
Dim Out Curtains or light-filtering.

Available in a range of natural-fibre and synthetic fabrics.

Custom fabric sourcing and selection.
Traditional pleat or S-fold (Ripple fold) finish.
One way or centre opening.
A range of track and hardware options.
Lumos Blinds
can also offer:

Wand or hand-drawn curtains.

Cord-drawn curtains.

Motorised curtains – battery powered or 240V.
or best for:
Home theatres.
Traditional homes and interior spaces.
Hotels, motels and schools.
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